The idea of a tendon vibration control system for a beam-like flexible space structure has been proposed. To verify the feasibility of the concept, an experimental tendon control system has been constructed for the vibration control of a flexible beam simulating Large Space Structures (LSS). This paper discusses modeling, identification, actuator disposition, and controller design for the experimental system. First, a mathematical model of the whole system of the beam and tendon actuator is developed through a finite element method (FEM). Second, to obtain an accurate mathematical model for designing a controller, unknown characteristic parameters are estimated by using an output error method. The validity of the proposed identification scheme is demonstrated by good agreement between the transfer functions of the experimental system and an identified model. Then, disposition of actuators is discussed by using the modal cost analysis. Finally, controllers are designed for SISO and MIMO systems. The feasibility of the proposed controller is verified through numerical simulation and hardware experiments.

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