A formulation of a graph problem for scheduling parallel computations of multibody dynamic analysis is presented. The complexity of scheduling parallel computations for a multibody dynamic analysis is studied. The problem of finding a shortest critical branch spanning tree is described and transformed to a minimum radius spanning tree, which is solved by an algorithm of polynomial complexity. The problems of shortest critical branch minimum weight spanning tree (SCBMWST) and the minimum weight shortest critical branch spanning tree (MWSCBST) are also presented. Both problems are shown to be NP-hard by proving that the bounded critical branch bounded weight spanning tree (BCBBWST) problem is NP-complete. It is also shown that the minimum computational cost spanning tree (MCCST) is at least as hard as SCBMWST or MWSCBST problems, hence itself an NP-hard problem. A heuristic approach to solving these problems is developed and implemented, and simulation results are discussed.

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