The two-dimensional turbulent recirculating flow fields behind a V-shaped bluff body have been investigated numerically. Similar bluff bodies are used in combustion chambers for flame stabilization. The governing transport equations in conservative form are solved by a pressure based predictor-corrector method. The standard k-ϵ turbulence closure model and a boundary fitted multi-block curvilinear grid system are used in the computation. The code is validated against turbulent flow over a backward facing step problem. The predicted flow field behind the bluff body is also compared with experiment. It is found that while the qualitative features of the flow are well predicted, there is quantitative disagreement between the measurement and prediction. This disagreement can be partially attributed to the k-ϵ turbulence model which is known to be inadequate for recirculating flows. Parametric investigation of the flow field by varying the shape and size of the bluff body is also performed and the results are reported.

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