The Environment For Application Software Integration and Execution (EASIE) is a methodology and a set of software utility programs developed at the NASA Langley Research Center for coordinating the use of engineering design and analysis computer programs. Under user direction, EASIE controls the execution of independently developed programs and manages the flow of data to and from a common relational data base in order to accomplish design or analysis objectives.

The process is highly automated. For example, a utility program generates a DATA DICTIONARY, describing the contents of the data base and the various subsets of data used by the application programs. Other utilities automatically generate FORTRAN or C subroutines to link the application programs with the database or to pre- and post-process the data. EASIE is also “user friendly,” providing “windows” into the data base to view subsets of the data and the means to modify the data at any time A key feature is the degree of independence it provides to the programmer and user from the details of the operating system and Data Base Management System.

EASIE has been used successfully in the integration of several design systems at Langley and within the aerospace industry. This paper discusses the application of EASIE to these specific systems, emphasizing the advantages it has provided to both programmers and users. Significant improvements made as a result of these experiences will also be discussed.

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