The need for superior design tools has lead to the development of better and more complex computer aided design programs. Two of the more important new developments in application tools being investigation are Object Oriented Languages, and HyperMedia. Object Oriented Languages allow the development of CAD tools where the parts being designed and the design procedures specified are conceptualized as objects. This allows for the development of design aids that are non-procedural and more readily manipulated by the user trying to accomplish a design task. HyperMedia allows for the easy inclusion of many different types of data, such as design charts and graphs, into the tool that are normally difficult to include in design tools programmed with more conventional programming languages.

This paper explores the development of a computer aided design tool for the design of a single stage gear box using the development HyperCard® environment and the HyperTalk® programming language. The resulting program provides a user friendly interface, the ability to handle several kinds of design information including graphic and textual, and a non-procedural design tool to help the user design simple, one stage gear boxes. Help facilities in the program make it suitable for undergraduate instruction in a machine elements design course.

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