A computer-aided testing system for compression of cylinders is developed. The system utilizes force and shape information taken in real-time from the workpiece to calculate process parameters and variables in compression: material properties, foldover, strain, friction, forming-limit diagrams, and fracture. In this way, the system will eliminate the need for other separate tests, such as the ring test used to determine friction. This system is comprised of three functions: a computer-controlled press, models and identification algorithms, and the finite-element analysis. The system is designed to be used as a model for control strategies of the open-die upset forging process. Here, the goal is to control the process so that the final shape is reached without fracture. If fracture is likely to occur at any moment several corrective actions can be taken to allow more deformation, such as modifying lubrication. When tested, the system proved to be accurate in conducting experiments in a well-defined repeatable conditions.

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