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Proceedings Papers

Proceedings Volume Cover
ASME 2007 International Design Engineering Technical Conferences and Computers and Information in Engineering Conference
September 4–7, 2007
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Conference Sponsors:
  • Design Engineering Division and Computers and Information in Engineering Division
Volume 3: 19th International Conference on Design Theory and Methodology; 1st International Conference on Micro- and Nanosystems; and 9th International Conference on Advanced Vehicle Tire Technologies, Parts A and B

19th International Conference on Design Theory and Methodology

Collaborative Design and Design Education

Creativity, Innovation and Biological Models in Design

Design Behavior Study and Cognitive Modeling

Topics: Design

Evaluation of Design Methods and Concepts

Function and Automation

Topics: Design

Needs Understanding and Preference Identification

Topics: Design
Topics: Design

Product Architecture Design Methods

Risk Based Design

Sustainable and Flexible Product Development

Topics: Design

Systems Engineering

Widely Applicable Techniques for Improving Design Practice in Industry

Topics: Design

1st International Conference on Micro- and Nanosystems

Applied Mechanics and Materials in Micro and Nanosystems


Dynamics and Control in MEMS/NEMS

Instruments and Tools for Nanotechnology

Micro/Nano-Scale Sensors and Actuators

Micromechanisms and Micro/Nano Manipulation

Modeling and Simulation of MEMS/NEMS

Nano-Imprint Technology

9th International Conference on Advanced Vehicle and Tire Technologies

Advances in Methods for Vehicle Systems Design and Control

IDETC-CIE 2007; 995-1000
IDETC-CIE 2007; 1001-1008
IDETC-CIE 2007; 1009-1018
IDETC-CIE 2007; 1019-1026

Advances in Multibody Systems Modeling and Validation for Vehicle Dynamics Applications

IDETC-CIE 2007; 1027-1040
IDETC-CIE 2007; 1041-1048
IDETC-CIE 2007; 1049-1059
IDETC-CIE 2007; 1061-1065
IDETC-CIE 2007; 1067-1074

Advances in Non-Conventional, Energy Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Vehicles

IDETC-CIE 2007; 1075-1081
IDETC-CIE 2007; 1083-1090
IDETC-CIE 2007; 1091-1112
IDETC-CIE 2007; 1113-1124

Advances in Vehicle Design Tools to Enhance Safety, Health, and Ergonomics

IDETC-CIE 2007; 1125-1139
IDETC-CIE 2007; 1141-1149
IDETC-CIE 2007; 1151-1159
IDETC-CIE 2007; 1161-1168

Advances in Vehicle Systems Dynamics and Control

IDETC-CIE 2007; 1169-1178
IDETC-CIE 2007; 1179-1183
IDETC-CIE 2007; 1185-1192
IDETC-CIE 2007; 1193-1199
IDETC-CIE 2007; 1201-1210
IDETC-CIE 2007; 1211-1222
IDETC-CIE 2007; 1223-1232
IDETC-CIE 2007; 1233-1238
IDETC-CIE 2007; 1239-1245
IDETC-CIE 2007; 1247-1252
IDETC-CIE 2007; 1253-1260
IDETC-CIE 2007; 1261-1270
IDETC-CIE 2007; 1271-1277
IDETC-CIE 2007; 1279-1286
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