The procurement and supply management of nuclear power equipment are carried out offline in tradition, the mode is mono and inflexible, the organizational process assets is poorly accumulated, the implementation process is not transparent, the tracking control effect is poor, the efficiency is relatively low. Adopting the information technology has acquired certain effect in improving organizational process assets accumulation although, the information is fragmented, efficiency improvement is not obvious. Study on “Internet + Procurement” was carried out since the year of 2015, compared with the traditional model, all the business and supplier information of procurement management of nuclear power equipment were interconnected, the whole process of procurement and supply management are through the internet, it is a innovation of the procurement and supply management mode using information technology. a wealth of data was accumulated for further analysis, an interconnected network was built between buyer and supply, significant change was brought out to the field of nuclear power equipment procurement, the role of this synergistic effect, contributes to the shortening of the construction period of nuclear power projects.

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