With the extensive application of offshore power plants and attaching importance of nuclear reactor system in marine industry, the narrow rectangular channels used for the compact heat exchanger in marine nuclear plant have drawn growing attention in recent years. Compared to some conventional pipes, the narrow rectangular channels boost the heat removal capacity efficiently and present the characteristics of compact layout, which have extensive application in compact heat exchangers. A significant number of experiments have been conducted on this topic. In this paper, a comprehensive historical review for narrow rectangular thermal-hydraulic characteristics under marine conditions is proposed, including an expansive number of experimental and numerical studies in open literatures for recent decade. The pressure drop and heat transfer characteristics are chiefly clarified in this paper. Additionally, the closely related studies of authors published in the last years are summarized in detailed. The followings are the significant aspects of this paper for dominant contents: (1) on the basis of a compilation of numerous distinguishing criterions, the definitions of narrow rectangular channels and marine motions are presented. (2) the flow characteristics of pressure drop and heat transfer characteristics in narrow rectangular channels under marine conditions are reviewed and summarized, basing on the authors’ published research achievements.

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