The fuel failures occur in the process of design, manufacture and operation the whole time, which will affect the reliability of the fuel. In order to study the method of fuel reliability analysis, it is necessary to establish a database platform of failed fuel information. Failed Fuel Information Database Platform (FAFID) platform established for the first in CGN with demand-based peer group. The platform adopts Browser/Server architecture, Tomcat for web application server software, MySQL for database server software and IE browser for client. After the completion of the platform, it realizes the function of saving the key parameters of fuel assembly/fuel rod in the process of design, manufacturing and operation, and the information can also be classified. The results of poolside inspection and hot cell examination are also arranged in the plate model block. In addition, the platform can also compare the differences in key fuel data, intuitively display the current situation of failed fuel in the form of various statistical charts and tables, so as to help technicians analyze the causes of failed fuel fast and efficient. At the same time, it can also help business personnel better predict and analyze the possible sources of failure. The platform has become a tool for business personnel to comprehensively analyze the causes of failed fuel.

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