With the rapid development of nuclear power in China, the amount of spent fuel keeps increasing, which makes the demand for safe and suitable casks to store and transport spent fuel more prominent. Due to China’s national policy of “closed nuclear fuel cycle” and the uncertainties in the construction of reprocessing facilities, the configuration of spent fuel storage and transport cask has been directly related to the safety of nuclear power plants operation. Based on the demand of spent fuel storage and transport in China, this paper analyzes the requirement of different modes of storage and transportation and different loading contents for casks, such as 12ft / 14ft spent fuel loading, compatibility with short-term storage and transportation, and off-site transportation of dry storage canisters, etc. In order to ensure safety and control cost, this paper also analyzed the applicable standards, transport restrictions and optimization design objective for the optimal design of spent fuel storage and transport cask, and puts forward the optimal configuration and design method of the storage and transport cask based on the analysis of key concerns, which could provide reference for the configuration and design of spent fuel storage cask.

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