The MOX core block is the main component of the MOX fuel assembly. In this paper, a resin-bonded diamond cup wheel was used for grinding experiments on three ceramic materials, ZrO2, CeO2+AL2O3 and CeO2+MgO, with similar properties to the MOX core block. A grinding temperature prediction model was established using the circular contact moving heat source model, and the grinding temperature of the workpiece surface was predicted and the control strategy was studied in conjunction with the grinding experimental results to evaluate the dry grinding adaptability of the MOX core block based on the workpiece surface grinding temperature. The results show that when the grinding wheel linear speed Vs = 60 m/s, the workpiece feed linear speed Vwt = 627mm/s, and the grinding depth is in the range of 0.01mm∼0.04mm single side grinding depth, the grinding temperature of the workpiece surface is below 200°C, and the oxidation temperature of the workpiece is not reached, therefore, the dry grinding method is considered suitable for the machining of MOX core blocks.

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