Fangchenggang Phase II nuclear power project adopts the third generation advanced nuclear power technology of Hualong-1. The steam generator tube bundle assembly of the project adopts HL1000 type, which was manufactured for the first time in China. The tube bundle assembly is composed of three parts: tubes, support assembly of straight section of tube bundle and anti-vibration bar assembly of U tube bend. The structure of tube bundle assembly is novel, involving several kinds of parts and components, high assembly accuracy requirements and strict assembly sequence. During manufacturing of the tube bundle assembly, key manufacturing technologies including the installation and alignment of 9 pieces of Lattice Grid Assembly (diamond shaped holes) and tubesheet holes, anti-sagging control of tube bend section, integrated connection of anti-vibration components and anti-offset of anti-vibration components were successfully in command. The development of HL1000 tube bundle components was successfully completed, the independent research and manufacturing of products was realized, and the blanks of this new reactor manufacturing technology in China was filled in. This paper summarizes and analyzes the key assembly technology of HL1000 tube bundle assembly, so as to provide experience for the design and manufacture of steam generators of other reactor.

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