DFMEA is a systematic and scientific method for new product design and development, which is applicable throughout the entire process of new product design and development. In this paper, DFMEA method is adopted in the systematic analyzing of the million-kilowatt nuclear power steam turbine rotor new product design and development process. On the basis of the introduction of product characteristics and current development requirement, DFMEA is introduced to the design and development process, applying the block diagram and structure-function matrix to locate the possible failure factors. Subsequently, the evaluation criteria of Severity (S), Occurrence (O), and Detection (D) are introduced and defined. According to the criteria, the Risk Priority Numbers (RPN) and Action Priority (AP) of key risks are sorted, therefore indicating the terms critical to product quality improvement.

Through the application of DFMEA, an effective risk identification and analysis of the million-kilowatt nuclear power steam turbine rotor is carried out, achieving the results that operational failures are advanced to the design stage to implement countermeasures, therefore realizing the improvement of product and system operation reliability, optimization of project cycle and manufacturing cost reduction. DFMEA promotes the optimization of overall new product development process. Meanwhile it provides ideas for the subsequent design optimization methods of similar kinds.

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