From 2016, we started to draft the industry standard of “Terminology of aging and life management for nuclear power plant “(NB/T 200555-2019)”. After three years, it was issued in China and came into recommend implementation at July, 2020. As ageing management and life management activities are important part of periodic safety review or operating license renewal for nuclear power plants, the standardization of ageing management and life management terms and terminology will benefit the related practice, technical communication and international cooperation. This paper briefly introduced the drafting background, aims, principals, methodology, and process of this industry standard in China. The standard’s scope, structure and terms category were discussed and analyzed briefly also. Then the difference between it and EPRI “Nuclear Power Plant Common Aging Terminology” (TR-100844) was discussed. After that, polishing the definitions of some essential terms was introduced in detail. Some of drafting experience was discussed also. In final, the issued standard includes 124 terms, which be classified into five categories as basic concept, aging mechanism, aging effects, aging management and life management. We believed that it will contribute the standardization and application of relevant terminology and benefit international communication in nuclear power plant aging and life management area.

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