Standard system has been developed for Nuclear Power Plants in China during the last ten years, which covers the entire lifespan of pressurized water reactors. It is mainly composed of the following parts, including general & foundation, preliminary work, designing, equipment, construction, commissioning, operation and decommissioning. Engineering economics is an important part of general & foundation section. Standards related to cost and cost management constitute engineering economics standard system, which is one of the most important subsystems in the standard system for Chinese nuclear power plants. In general, engineering economics standard system is composed of 39 nuclear industry standards, with 4 management standards, 6 specifications of bill of quantities and 29 cost quota standards.

Management standard specifies the engineering management and engineering cost evaluation for the construction of nuclear power plants. For the technical part of engineering economics standard system, two kinds of pricing methods for construction projects in china should be considered: fixed quota pricing and bill of quantities, and those standards should cover the overall construction content and construction phase of nuclear power plants.

This paper presents the establishment of engineering economics standard system framework and major elements in this system. The study in this paper shows a good example of the establishment of the standard system in engineering economics field for nuclear power plants in China.

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