According to the current situation of human reliability analysis of China fast reactor, combined with the operation experience of China Experimental Fast Reactor (CEFR), this study not only identifies the method of important personnel actions, but also standardizes the technical process of human reliability analysis. Compared methods of four kinds human reliability analysis, finally, the SPAR-H method is choose for CLASS C. According to the mathematical model of this methods, the calculation code for system analysis is developed using Visual Basic language. Based the standardization of the technical process, the code using examples CLASS C are provided, finally the standard technical documentation of HRA is edited. Based on the results of the calculation analysis, some recommendations are provided for systems design, human-machine interface design, regulation design and training program. The above is only an example. In the future, it is necessary to analyze more human actions of CLASS C, so as to give suggestions on the impact of human factors in various fields. To achieve the goal of minimize the impact of CLSS C human actions on the design and application of the whole project.

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