The design of digital control system for refueling machine in HPR1000 fully absorbs and refers to the experience of independent design and supply of refueling machine in the previous PWR projects, the experience of technical service in the operating nuclear power plants and the experience feedback from owners.

This paper describes the design scheme, improvement and commissioning of refueling machine digital control system for HPR1000 in detail. It focuses on the design of system architecture, hardware selection, PLC system configuration, PLC program development and HMI configuration, etc. At the same time, in order to reduce the work intensity of operators, the digital control system enhances the function of HMI, improves the display of fault information, and realizes the automatic digital control of refueling machine. In HPR1000 reactor, the digital control system of refueling machine has been optimized and improved in both hardware design and software design, which greatly improves the safety, reliability and economy of refueling machine.

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