In the project feasibility study stage, the determination of nuclear power plant factory dikes can effectively promote the rapid progress of the project, which can accurately calculate the quantity of construction conditions, the concrete position of the artificial slope, and other topics about factory ping elevation design input, effectively promote the progress of each project more forcefully demonstrates the rationality of the nuclear power plant engineering plan. It is very important to determine the plant floor elevation efficiently and reasonably. Based on this significance, a comparison and selection model for determining the plant floor elevation of nuclear power plant is established.

In the project feasibility study stage, the reasonably determined floor elevation will be used as the design input of other related demonstration topics, and there is a process of mutual iterative demonstration. The floor elevation of nuclear power plant needs to be determined based on various conditions of the site, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing the engineering cost and operation cost of nuclear power plant. This paper introduces the process of determining the floor elevation of a coastal nuclear power plant, and determines the floor elevation of a certain coastal nuclear power plant through comparison and selection analysis model. This analysis model is universal and important, and can provide the demonstration method and basis for determining the floor elevation of other coastal nuclear power plant sites. The analysis model mainly involves such factors as the amount of earthwork, the operating cost of circulating cooling water, and the slope of large transportation road.

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