In the long life extension operation of nuclear power plant, life cycle management technology can provide reliable support for the economic operation of nuclear power plant, and is an important support technology for the evaluation of nuclear power plant’s continuous operation. In order to promote the development of life cycle management technology in nuclear power plants, information technology is used to transform specific problems into standardized databases, relying on the Operation License Renewal Project, the software platform of life cycle management database for important equipment in nuclear power plant is developed. In addition to the storage function of the equipment life cycle management information, the database has the functions of cost calculation and economic comparison of the long-term operation plan. It includes seven modules: Original Information, Program Management, Aging Mechanism, Out-of-date Evaluation, Failure Rate, Economic Analysis and External Feedback. The database built-in nuclear power plant life cycle management typical equipment such as steam turbines, generators, main transformers, and so on, while users can be independent in life-cycle equipment maintenance to add the need to expand the object. It is considered that the acquisition and reliability of cost data, equipment reliability data, and equipment life and failure rate data are the difficulties of life cycle management of nuclear power plants at present.

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