When the core meltdown accident occurs in the nuclear plant, molten corium falls into a coolant pool of the lower plenum. It is considered that the molten corium jet is broken up, cooled, and solidified with fuel-coolant interaction (FCI). However, the coolant pool could be a shallow condition by the leakage and evaporation of the coolant. In this situation, it is considered that the corium jet bottoms and spreads without the jet breakup. From the viewpoint of safety, understanding a jet behavior and estimating a cooling behavior are needed.

The purpose of this study is to clarify the mechanism of the liquid jet behavior in a shallow pool as the fundamental process for estimating the cooling behavior in the real machine. In this paper, we discuss the spreading behavior of the liquid jet after bottoming. The jet injection experiment was conducted using test fluids. By using the 3D-LIF method, the 3D visualization of the liquid jet was Successfully implemented. From the visualization result, the following behaviors were seen. After bottoming, the jet spread radially with the liquid film. As the jet spreading behavior, the liquid film was rolled up to the inside, and the vortex was formed. After a certain time, the vortex was broken. Then the flow and the number density of the fragment were changed.

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