This article carries out neutron-hydraulic coupling research of Xi’an Pulsed Reactor (XAPR). The coupling is based on Monte Carlo neutron transport code RMC and sub-channel thermal-hydraulic code COBRA-TF (CTF) because of the high accuracy of Monte Carlo method and the high efficiency of subchannel method. The interface code is developed in python for data transfer between RMC and CTF. The coupling simulation is firstly performed under 1MW, 1.5MW and 2MW steady state. The temperature and power distribution are obtained. The results are compared with the experimental data. Temperature of the fuel rod has a difference in the range of 0.6 °C to 29 °C with the experimental values. Then we perform burnup simulation of XAPR running for 3600 days continuously under the power of 2MW and obtain the neutron and thermal-hydraulic parameters with burnup. Two coupling schemes are applied in the burnup simulation. One scheme is to make neutron-hydraulic coupling using both RMC and CTF in each burn step and the other is only coupling in the first and last burn step while calculation in other steps is only carried out by RMC. The result show great difference between the two schemes. Though currently there are no experimental data for this model to verify, the result obtained using the latter scheme is obviously unreasonable, implying the necessity of making neutron-hydraulic coupling in each burn step.

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