This paper first introduces the background, purpose and implementation process of SDP, and then analyzes the SDP based on the disabled fault of the switch port of DCS layer 1 in nuclear power plant. This DCS failure caused 14 ports between the room level switch and the unit level switch on the first floor of DCS to be disabled, resulting in partial interruption of communication between the room level switch and the unit level switch, resulting in abnormal connection between KIC/BUP and the first floor, and all KIC control functions and BUP in order to prevent the fluctuation of working conditions from introducing new disturbance to the control system, the unit has been maintaining stable operation. During the whole event, the reactor was in a safe state, the reactor protection system was available, the three barriers were complete, and no radioactive material was released. The influence of DCS failure on core safety is analyzed by SDP, and the conclusion is given.

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