This article first briefly introduces the “Technical Policy for Improving the Maintenance Effectiveness of Nuclear Power Plants (Trial)” issued by the National Nuclear Safety Administration (NNSA) in August 2017 and the implementation background of the Maintenance Regulations (MR) of the First Plant of Qinshan. Based on the general introduction of the implementation process of MR, the important roles played by the configuration risk management during the implementation of the MR project of Qinshan NPP1 are detailed: 1) The background of configuration risk management and December 30, 2019 “Technical Policy for Nuclear Power Plant Configuration Risk Management (Trial)” issued by the National Nuclear Safety Administration (NNSA); 2) describes the relationship between configuration risk management and maintenance rules and how to apply configuration risk management to implement maintenance rules The scope of activities to carry out configuration risk management and the requirements for the risk threshold of maintenance activities; 3) the method of risk assessment and the establishment of a risk management action matrix on the basis of the EPRI document; 4) the introduction of probabilistic safety assessment (PSA) in the role of configuration risk management; 5) The actual case of configuration risk management is used to show how to configure risk management to solve the requirements of risk assessment in maintenance rules before maintenance activities. As the first operating nuclear power plant in China to formally carry out MR work, the application of Qinshan NPP1 in the implementation of MR configuration risk management can provide a good experience for other domestic nuclear power plants.

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