In this paper, the complete accident analysis calculation model of the ship nuclear power platform is established by using the developed accident analysis system code SACO (System Analysis Code under Ocean conditons), which is coupled with the ocean condition. Combined with the accident progress of loss of main feedwater ATWS, and on the basis of considering the reasonable assumption of the accident boundary, the main feedwater loss ATWS accident is analyzed. The accident sequence of loss of main feedwater ATWS is given, and the changes of the key thermal safety parameters such as the reactor power, heat removal from the active residual heat removal system, primary circuit pressure, pressurizer water volume, average reactor coolant temperature, peak temperatures of the fuel pellet and cladding are analyzed in detail. The results show the active residual heat removal system, reactor core reactivity feedback and design of the pressurizer safety valve could limit the primary circuit pressure and other key parameters without exceeding the safety limit value in the case of loss of main feedwater ATWS accident for ship nuclear power platform.

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