In the modern society, more and more explosive accidents and explosive terror attacks have happened around the world. These explosions not only inflict heavy casualties and property loss, but also cause serious damage to related structures. The outer wall of the nuclear island plant of newly constructed nuclear power unit is usually designed as the steel concrete (SC) structure to prevent from explosion and aircraft impact. This paper selects the steel concrete structure wall composed of surface steel plate, stud, tie bar and concrete as the study object. It adopts classical explicit nonlinear dynamic analysis software ANSYS/LS-DYNA to conduct a series of parameter sensitivity analysis on the impact of blast resistance of the steel concrete structure wall based on the CONWEP method. These parameters include: the explosive scaled distance, thickness of the steel plate, thickness and grade of the concrete, diameter and spacing of tie bars, etc. The analysis results indicate that the above mentioned parameters, especially the explosion scaled distance, the thickness of the wall and the spacing of tie bars, affect the blast resistance capacity of the wall. This paper contributes to the guiding and referencing significance for the design and optimization of the steel concrete structure outer wall of nuclear island plant.

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