EPAs are the penetrations used to minimize leakage and supply instrumentation or power cables path. Hence, sealing performance of EPA is important to contain radioactive materials and minimize their release without any filtration. Leakage behavior of containment under SAC is also required for the evaluation of mitigation strategies, risk analysis, PSA and emergency planning. In addition, electrical continuity for EPA cables is important for the operation of mitigation systems under different conditions, especially the SAC.

In this paper, it is focused on the review and study on leakage behavior and electrical continuity for EPA under SAC, which consists of the following key issues:

(1) Requirements, criteria and introduction of EPAs.

(2) Study on sealing and electrical performance of EPAs, especially the leakage mechanism, potential leak paths and sealing material performance, electrical degradation under different conditions.

(3) Preparations and plans for the EPA sealing and electrical performance test, introductions of our expectations and methods.

(4) Summary and outlook

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