The Fukushima Accident happened 10 years ago. During the 10 years, the nuclear safety regulatory body of china takes some activities in non-reactor nuclear fuel cycle facilities, responding to the impact of the Fukushima accident. The activities include those review activities initiated immediately after the accident and those regulations revision activities. They will be presented in the present paper. The approaches for review, so called the safety reassessment, were firstly worked out. Those included a walk down with experts through the facility, the update of the external natural events, the review or revalidation of the design basis for the external natural events, the emergency preparedness and response for extreme natural disasters. According to the approaches, operating organizations implemented the safety reassessment to facilities which they operated and formed the result reports. The review results of those reports should be summarized into two points. The first point was that the information of the external natural events for each site was up-to-date, because new facilities continue to be built in the same site. The second point was the some building structures did not meet the requirements, because some standards were out of date, or updated. Meanwhile, the regulatory body thought that it was necessary to make a graded approach for different facilities. Finally, a rule was made. the graded approach also will be present in the paper.

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