In 2016, The first nuclear power plant submitted an application for renewal of operation license to National Nuclear Safety Administration (NNSA) in China. In order to guide the project, NNSA issued the technical policy for extension of the validity period of the nuclear power plant operation license, which mainly refers to the US nuclear power plant license renewal review policy. However, China’s nuclear safety regulation system mainly refers to the establishment of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), and carries out 10-year Periodic Safety Review for nuclear power plants in the actual operation process. There are some differences between the U.S. license renewal strategy and the IAEA long-term operation system. An important part of both is aging management. Based on the daily operation and supervision of China’s nuclear power plants, this paper summarizes the differences and similarities of aging management between periodic safety review and operation license renewal application, and puts forward the contents that should be added and improved in the periodic safety review, so as to effectively link up the application system for operation license renewal and the Periodic Safety Review system, to revise the “Periodic safety review of nuclear power plant” (HAD103/11) and “Aging management of nuclear power plant” (HAD 103/12) provide reference.

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