The ACPR100 is a small modular pressurized water reactor design proposed by China General Nuclear Power Corporation which integrates most important components of the reactor into one pressure vessel. This paper aims to model the reactor core by Monte Carlo code Serpent.

Firstly, the steady-state characterization and optimization analysis within different temperature, pin-pitch and other design parameters are performed. Secondly, the loading pattern of fuel assemblies with Gd-doped fuel rods was assessed. Thirdly, based on the reference research, the temperature coefficients of fuel and coolant are calculated. The influence of control rod insertion depth was simulated additionally. Besides, to show the life cycle and the change of inventory directly, we performed burnup calculation based on pre-defined time step and discussed the fission products including radioactive minor actinides and radiopharmaceutical isotopes during the life cycle.

The results show that the ACPR100 achieved more stable performance using high abundance boric acid, and the negative temperature reactivity coefficient is sufficient to maintain the stability of the reactor operation, but the ACPR100 is not suitable for massive production of radiopharmaceutical isotopes.

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