Since 1991, the European Utility Requirements (EUR) organization has been developing and promoting harmonized technical specifications for the new mid- and large-size LWR designs to be proposed by the vendors in Europe. The EUR Organization issues and, from time to time, modifies and updates a report entitled “the EUR Document”. It consists of a comprehensive set of requirements covering the whole Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) and encompasses all aspects (safety, performance, competitiveness) and all parts of a NPP (nuclear island and conventional island). The main EUR Organization’s results obtained during the last years are in the three following fields: (1) The latest revision, Revision E, of the EUR Document was issued in December 2016. It includes revised safety requirements taking into account the most recent European and international standards issued by WENRA, IAEA and IEC after the Fukushima-Daishi accident. (2) The assessment of new designs. The presentation briefly recalls the EUR design assessment objectives and process and the status of the different EUR assessment projects. (3) Preparation of evolution of the EUR Document towards integration of requirements for Small Modular Light Water Reactors (SMLWR). The paper concludes by an overview of the future activities of the EUR Organization.

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