To develop a more realistic seismic response evaluation method of nuclear power plants, it is necessary to evaluate the seismic behavior considering the joints of each component that are treated as independent models during design evaluation, such as buildings, equipment, and piping systems. Particularly, the piping support structure, which is the joint between the building and piping, is important in the seismic evaluation of the piping system. While the current seismic evaluation of piping support structures is performed within the elastic range, it is important to consider the realistic elastic-plastic response of piping support structures for fragility assessment in seismic probabilistic risk assessment. However, the seismic evaluation method that considers the elastic-plastic response of piping support structures has not yet been established, and there is a need to improve the seismic response evaluation method.

In this study, a hybrid dynamic response test for simulating the seismic behavior of the piping support structure, including the elastic-plastic response, has been conducted. Specifically, static cyclic loading tests and hybrid dynamic response tests were conducted using four types of piping support structures to understand the basic mechanical behavior. This report presents the details of the tests and test results.

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