Almost all nuclear power plants in the world are equipped with seismic instrument system, especially the third generation nuclear power plants in China. When the ground motion measured by four time history accelerometers of containment foundation exceeds the preset threshold, the automatic shutdown trigger signal will be generated. However, from the seismic acceleration characteristics, isolated and prominent single high frequency will be generated the acceleration peak, which has no decisive effect on the seismic response, may cause false alarm, which has a certain impact on the smooth operation of nuclear power plant. According to the principle of three elements of ground motion, this paper puts forward a method that first selects the filtering frequency band which accords with the structural characteristics of nuclear power plants, then synthesizes the three axial acceleration time history, and finally selects the appropriate acceleration peak value for threshold alarm. The results show that the seismic acceleration results obtained by this method can well represent the actual magnitude of acceleration, and can solve the problem of false alarm due to the randomness of single seismic wave, and can be used for automatic reactor shutdown trigger signal of seismic acceleration.

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