Classification of System, Component and Structure (SSC) is the base as well as high level demand of nuclear power plant. Equipment classification including electric and Instrument and Control (I&C) equipment is the precondition of correct design regulation and standard. Safety function classification is key pass of electric and I&C equipment classification. This paper researches the method of nuclear power plant electric and I&C equipment safety function classification. Firstly from view of function, it explains the importance of function classification. Then function analysis and classification of equipment is implemented by design order. Lastly from view of accident analysis, function classification is validated, and a complete approach of function classification is formed. The purpose of this paper is the NPP electric and I&C equipment safety function classification as an example, to study and summarize the method of the electric and I&C equipment safety function classification, and to provide the basis for specific items design work according to design requirements. At the same time, a practical method is provided for other similar NPP electric and I&C equipment classification work. The electric and I&C equipment function classification of nuclear power plant satisfy the basic principles requirement of relative nuclear power rules and codes. It provides an important basis of equipment classification for next nuclear power plants.

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