Inspection of a spent fuel pool (SFP) liner (e.g., detection of defects in the pool liner) is important to validate the integrity of this component to perform its intended function. Eddy current array (ECA) testing offers a reliable and sensitive nondestructive examination (NDE) technique to inspect SFP liners, but requires a delivery system to transport the ECA sensor to these hard-to-reach and harsh environment locations. This work presents an ECA sensor delivery tool for use with inspection of an SFP. The design for a payload delivery tool proof-of-concept model is proposed that can transport an ECA sensor with positional feedback. The tool allows the sensor to traverse the wall of a nuclear SFP liner, with both horizontal and vertical motion capabilities to support positioning and inspection. The tool provides both manual and automatic operating modes with variable speeds. Additionally, the delivery tool can be adapted to accommodate other NDE sensors (e.g., ultrasound testing probes). Computational based simulations and analysis validate that the performance requirements for the ECA sensor delivery tool were satisfied to support inspection of an SFP liner upper region.

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