To ensure the safe operation of nuclear power plant, employees must complete nuclear power plant-related safety training. College students who are majored in nuclear engineering in China cannot deeply participate in nuclear power plant work during the college period. So, they do not have a deep understanding of the theoretical concepts of nuclear power systems in class. For research and teaching work on Sodium-cooled fast reactor (SFR), the Department of Engineering Physics at Tsinghua University has developed the sodium-cooled fast reactor nuclear power plant simulation software (ECFR) with Neoswise Science & Technology Co. Ltd. ECFR is the dynamic process model software of the SFR nuclear power plant which is based on VPOWER platform. This paper presents the application of ECFR in teaching. Experimental courses have been conducted for Tsinghua students. Students can observe the main system structure of the power plant and perform accident analysis through ECFR. Those experiments can help students grasp the latest nuclear power technology better and motivate them to study effectively. Furthermore, the future improvement direction of ECFR is also discussed, which includes the improvement measures of human-computer interaction and system design.

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