Loviisa NPP (VVER-440) simulator LOKS2 is based on parallel computed Apros models that simulate more than 50 process systems including reactor, primary circuit, secondary circuit and containment. The models contain relevant electrical systems including external grid connections, emergency diesel generators and house load network. Detailed plant automation models enable connectivity to new automation systems which can be provided by suppliers as external models (virtual I&C).

Models and virtual I&C are connected to touch screen panels which emulate HW panels at the plant. All renewed HMI systems are identical to the plant. Severe accident management panels can be utilized since the integrated severe accident module Apros SA enables simulating the most important severe accident phenomena in real time.

In addition to operator training, the models are utilized in automation renewal projects and part-task simulators. The overall functionality of new automation has been assessed efficiently when connected to the simulated plant. The detailed process models enable running transients and testing degraded modes with plant operators on simulators. Errors in automation system design or implementation are discovered in an early phase and software and hardware modifications based on simulator findings are made. Part-task simulators utilize the same models in specific training.

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