The Czech Republic National Radiation Protection Institute (SURO) provides technical support to the Czech Republic State Office for Nuclear Safety, providing safety analysis and reviewing of the technical documentations for Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs). For this reason, several computational models created in SURO were prepared using different codes as tools to simulate and investigate the design base and beyond design base accidents scenarios.

This paper focuses on the creation of SCALE and PARCS neutronic models for a proper analysis of the VVER-440 reactor analysis. In particular, SCALE models of the VVER-440 fuel assemblies have been created in order to produce collapsed and homogenized cross sections necessary for the study with PARCS of the whole VVER-440 reactor core.

The sensitivity study of the suitable energy threshold to be adopted for the preparation with SCALE of collapsed two energy-group homogenized cross sections is also discussed. Finally, the results obtained with PARCS core model are compared with those reported in the VVER-440 Final Safety Report.

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