Dynamic characteristics of active magnetic bearing (AMB)-flexible rotor system are closely related to control law. To analyze dynamic characteristics of flexible rotor suspended by AMBs with linear quadratic regulation (LQR) controller, a simple and effective method based on numerical calculation of unbalanced response is proposed in this article. The model of flexible rotor is established based upon Euler-Bernoulli beam theory and Lagrange’s equation. Disc on the rotor and its Gyro effect are taken into account. LQR controller based on error and its derivative is developed to control electromagnetic force of AMB at each degree of freedom (DOF) in real time. Under the unbalanced exciting force, the steady-state response and transient response in time domain of each node of flexible rotor at 0–4000 rad/s are calculated numerically. The critical speeds of rotor are obtained by identification method quickly and easily.

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