RELAP/SCDAPSIM is a best-estimate nuclear tool designed to analyze the behaviour of reactor systems during normal and accident conditions. Three main versions of RELAP/SCDAPSIM are currently used by program members and licensed users to support a variety of activities. RELAP/SCDAPSIM/MOD3.4 is the version of the code used by licensed users and program members for critical applications such as research reactors and nuclear power plant applications. Even though the code was initially designed for LWRs (Light Water Reactors), Politehnica University of Bucharest demonstrated the applicability of the RELAP/SCDAPSIM code for CANDU (CANada Deuterium Uranium) reactors analyses, by simulating some of the most important postulated accident transients (i.e. large break LOCA, main steam line break, the natural circulation in the heat transport system). Current trends refer to the BEPU (Best Estimate Plus Uncertainty) approach in the safety analysis of nuclear reactors. BEPU is a modern and technically consistent approach has been built upon best estimate methods including an evaluation of the uncertainty in the calculated results. ISS and UPC started the development of an uncertainty evaluation package to RELAP/SCDAPSIM/MOD4.0 code version which is currently implemented in MOD3.4 version of the code also. The uncertainty evaluation capability is implemented as an alternative run mode, the “uncertainty” mode, which allows the automatic execution of an uncertainty analysis based on the probabilistic approach. A complete uncertainty analysis using RELAP/SCDAPSIM/MOD3.4 code requires the execution of three related phases, namely the “setup” phase, the “simulation” phase consisting of several executions, and the “postprocessing” phase. The uncertainty data has to be supplied for the two types of parameters, the “input treatable” and the “source correlation” quantities. The required information is the probability distribution function and its characteristic parameters. This paper is mainly focused on the application of the uncertainty package in CANDU reactors accident analysis and it describes the steps to perform the uncertainty analysis, the uncertainty selected parameters (input treatable and source correlation parameters), the calculation results with RELAP/SCDAPSIM and some conclusions.

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