Secondary loop system is an essential part in nuclear power plant (NPP). The traditional methods for the secondary loop cannot reveal the universality for the most of the NPPs. When there is the need to build another NPP secondary loop simulation program or project, the simulation model always need to modify or adapt to the new design parameters and operation parameters. In this work a fast modeling simulation platform for secondary loop in NPP is developed. In this simulation platform there is the modular, parametric simulation model in the device library and graphical human-computer interaction. There is the modeling procedure for the NPP secondary loop system simulating and modeling. In the device library there are different simulation models of secondary loop system. The secondary loop simulation model can be made up by the device simulation model with reasonable data interface. Each device simulation model could represent the practical device steady and dynamic performance with accurate calculation. The simulation results calculated in the simulation platform can represent the accuracy steady calculation and reasonable dynamic tendency of main parameters for the secondary loop system built. From the simulation platform the NPP secondary loop system simulation model can be built conveniently and fast. In the simulation platform there is the appropriate data input form and output form. The simulation platform can be used in the different purposes of simulation for NPP secondary loop as training, evaluating, operation and characteristic analysis.

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