Impinging jets are commonly utilized in the run-out table (ROT) cooling in the hot rolling process in steel manufacturing industries. The phenomenon of rapid cooling of a sufficiently hot surface is termed as the quenching. The present paper reports the rewetting behavior of 0.15 mm thick hot moving stainless steel foil (SS-304) by circular impinging jet from bottom side through experimental investigation. The transient temperature of the hot foil is recorded by using thermal imaging camera (A655sc, FLIR system). Tests are performed for a varied range of Reynolds number (Re = 2500–10000), nozzle to plate distance (z/d = 6), moving plate velocity (0–40 mm/s) and initial surface temperature 500±10 °C. Transient temperature obtained from thermal imaging camera is used to evaluate rewetting time and rewetting velocity. Based on the experimental investigation correlation has been proposed to predict non-dimensional rewetting velocity as a function of various parameters, namely, Reynolds number, non-dimensional axial distance and moving plate velocity.

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