Thermal hydraulic research of reactor core is important in nuclear energy applications, the flow and heat transfer characteristics of coolant in reactor fuel assembly has a great influence on the performance and safety of nuclear power plants. Particle image velocimetry (PIV) and Laser induced fluorescence (LIF) are the instantaneous, non-intrusive, whole-field fluid mechanics measuring method. In this study, the simultaneous measurement of flow field and temperature field for a rod bundle was conducted using PIV and LIF technique. A facility system, utilizing the matching index of refraction approach, has been designed and constructed for the measurement of velocity and temperature in the rod bundle. In order for further study on complex heat and mass transfer characteristic of rod bundle, the single-phase experiments on the heating conditions are performed. One of unique characteristics of the velocity and temperature distribution downstream the spacer grid was obtained. The experimental results show that the combined use of PIV and LIF technique is applied to the measurement of multi-physical field in a rod bundle is feasible, the measuring characteristics of non-intrusive ensured accuracy of whole field data. The whole field experimental data obtained in rod bundle benefits the design of spacer grid geometry.

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