In this paper CFD analyses of mixed convection in bare tubes cooled with water at supercritical pressure is presented. The study was carried out using the FLUENT code for upward flow in vertical tubes with a heated length of 4 m and an inside diameter of 10 mm at relatively low water mass flux (G ≈500 kg/m2s) and heat fluxes q (from 239 to 310 kW/m2). Various models of turbulence have been tested. The results of the studies demonstrated a reasonable good agreement between CFD predictions and experimental data on the heat transfer coefficient and internal-wall temperature with use the SST turbulence model. Comparison of the CFD simulation data, which correspond to the presence or absence of the buoyancy forces, was performed. The regularities of the influence of these forces on the damping of turbulent transport, the deformation of the radial profiles of velocity and temperature along the channel length, the reduction of the heat transfer coefficients, etc. were studied. The features of the motion of the pseudo-phase transition within various conditions are presented.

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