The European Nuclear Education Network (ENEN) was established in 2003 through an EU Fifth Framework Programme (FP) project, as a legal nonprofit-making body. Its main objective is the preservation and further development of expertise in the nuclear fields by higher education and training. This objective is realized through the cooperation between EU universities involved in education and research in nuclear disciplines, nuclear research centers and the nuclear industry. As of March 2018, ENEN has 66 members in 18 EU countries and has concluded Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) with partners beyond Europe for further cooperation, including organizations in, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Canada and Japan. ENEN also has good collaboration with national networks and international organizations such as the Belgian Nuclear Education Network (BNEN) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The main activities developed, and results achieved, within the first 15 years of the ENEN Association are presented and discussed. These include, for example, the launch of the European Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering (EMSNE), the annual ENEN Ph.D. competition and the portfolio of more than 10 EURATOM projects dealing with nuclear education, training and knowledge management through development of teaching methods and materials, courses, and exchange of students and teachers within EU and beyond. Those projects were all supported by the European Commission with the ENEN Association acting as the coordinator or as a partner.

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