The International Nuclear Management Academy (INMA) is an International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) framework to support the establishment and sustainability of Master’s level Nuclear Technology Management educational programmes and the development of nuclear technology management professionals.

The INMA framework describes a broad range of competencies across four Aspect Groups of External Environment, Technology, Management and Leadership, that have been identified as the basis for the successful management of nuclear projects. By following the INMA framework these competencies can be achieved by nuclear technology subject matter experts to support their career path into managerial roles or by experienced managers moving into the nuclear sector.

The IAEA in conjunction with worldwide universities with nuclear education programmes have developed an endorsement process to recognise which university Master’s programmes adhere to the INMA framework and can therefore produce graduates with the required competencies. It is also recognised though that the implementation of these competencies can only be fully achieved through on-the-job training or experiential learning. A combination of education and experience is therefore required to be recognised as a nuclear technology management professional.

To date two universities, The University of Manchester and the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, have received INMA endorsement for their Master’s programmes in Nuclear Technology Management. The University of Manchester programme is part-time while the MEPhI programme is a two-year full-time programme. Several other universities — North West University and University of the Witwatersrand (both South Africa), Texas A&M University and the University of Tokyo having been assessed for endorsement, and many others developing nuclear technology management programmes are entering the process. The IAEA organise an INMA Annual Meeting where universities can meet to express interest in the programme, learn more about what is required for the programme and endorsement, and exchange best practices.

The International Nuclear Management Academy is therefore making significant contributions to improving nuclear technology management competencies leading to improved managerial decision making with the associated benefits to the global nuclear industry.

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