The helium circulator is an important part of HTR-PM. In order to avoid the heat which produced by the helium calculator of HTR-PM cumulating in the motor cavity, the heat should be taked out by the way of forced convection. According to the the spatial structure of channel, we need to design a single stage axial flow compressor here which has the technical characteristics with small power, small flow and high pressure. Let it meet the cooling demand of the specific heat of the motor, and also reduce the power consumption of cooling system itself, so as to improve the overall efficiency of the system.

To sum up, in the present study, through the design path of the positive problem, the conventional variable method is used to solve the flow field, that is, the flow field is solved by the velocity and pressure terms, and then the vortex in the flow field is deduced according to the velocity distribution According to the distribution of vorticity in the flow field, it provides the direction for the optimal design of the impeller. In the end, we hope to use this optimized design method to further optimize the blades and runner of the auxiliary impeller of helium circulator for HTR-PM.

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