This paper presents an assessment of the performance of four eddy viscosity models in STAR-CCM+ 12.04 in simulating water flow through an industrial size butterfly valve: the standard k-ε model, realizable model, lag EB k-ε model and k-ω-SST model. This is achieved by comparing RANS predictions with physical measurements already available in literature. Although the lag EB k-ε model and k-ω-SST model are supposed to have a better ability to capture the anisotropic turbulence effect and flow separations, it has been demonstrated that the standard k-ε model is still a robust model in terms of predicting the flow coefficient (Cv). The general error of Cv by the standard k-ε model is less than 10% for the considered openings with the exception of 80°. This work also demonstrates that the eddy viscosity models have more difficulty predicting the torque coefficient (Ct) than Cv.

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