The paper focuses on the extension of the NEK-2P Wall Heat Transfer model, which was initially developed for the analysis of Critical Heat Flux (CHF) under Dryout (DO) conditions to the simulation of CHF under Departure from Nucleate Boiling (DNB) conditions. The paper presents results of recent NEK-2P analyses of several CHF experiments including both DO and DNB conditions. The CHF experiments analyzed have measured the axial distribution of wall temperatures in two-phase boiling flow in a vertical channel with a heated wall. The axial distribution of the calculated wall temperatures is compared with the corresponding experimental data. Reasonably good agreement with measured data is obtained in predicting the CHF location and post CHF wall temperature magnitudes illustrating the ability of the NEK-2P code and Extended Boiling Framework (EBF) models to simulate the CHF phenomena for a wide range of thermal-hydraulic conditions.

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