In order to study the dynamic characteristics and fluid structure interactions of tubular structures under the action of fluid in reactor, such as fuel rod bundles and heat transfer tube bundle of steam generator, the dynamic equations and the acoustic wave equations of structures are discretized by finite element method. The acoustic wave equations are simplified from continuity equation and momentum equation of fluid field. Based on the fluid structure coupling method, the dynamic characteristics of the tube under the internal flow, external flow and combined action of internal and external flow are calculated respectively. The influence of flow field domain, element type and grid number on the dynamic characteristics of the tube is also analyzed. Secondly, based on the computational fluid dynamics and computational structural dynamics, the interaction between the two physical fields of fluid and structure is considered simultaneously. The finite volume method is used to discretize the fluid control equations and the turbulent flow is investigated using the large eddy simulation method (LES). The Newmark algorithm is used to solve the structural dynamic equations. Combined with the dynamic mesh control technique, a numerical model for flow induced vibration of three-dimensional flexible tube is established. Finally, the flow induced vibration of a three dimensional flexible single tube and a square arrangement tube bundle is calculated using the numerical model. By comparing with the existing research results, it is found that the numerical simulation results are in good agreement with the experimental results. Thus, the correctness of the model is verified. It is also shown that the numerical model established in this paper can be used to simulate the dynamic characteristics and flow induced vibration of tubular structures.

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